An open letter to those who want to improve the quality of their current friendships
and create new relationships quickly and easily...

The Most Powerful "Secret" In The World
To Magnetize Everything You Want is Finally Revealed!

 "Learn how You can Fully Enhance Your Hidden Power of Charisma to make People Notice You, Follow You, Respect You, and Love You!"

 Have you ever been in a meting, restaurant, club, party, or social event, where someone
in the crowd seems to "stand out" more than anyone else there? You know the one...  "Stephen," that guy whose looks are far from stunning, whose smarts are less than desirable, and whose lack of poise makes you feel he's perfect rank-and-file material... but no...

He's surrounded by people. They clamor to meet him and talk to him. In spite of his many deficiencies, he shines through the crowd like a warm beacon who seems to attract all the prettiest women and all the friendliest guys.

You know, "Stephen" is nothing to sneeze at. He looks, after all, just like everyone else.

An Average 'Joe' so to speak.

But what makes him so darn popular? What makes him tick? What makes him so magnetic that people even fight for his attention? What's the "secret ingredient" that makes him stand out, leapfrog over his competitors, whether it's in relationships, in careers, or in business?

 Is it the money he owns or some expensive sports car he drives? Or maybe is it the people HE knows? Someone... you know... someone more "important" than him?

If you digg a bit, you'll find out it has nothing to do with any of these. Not at all.

We all have a "Stephen" or a "Jane" in our lives. We've all come across one or more "Stephen's" and "Jane's" at some point. And really, all the things above have absolutely nothing to do with their money, belongings, or looks.

The fact is, there is one single ingredient that makes "Stephen" and "Jane" such a life of the party. It's the one ingredient most lonely people lack.

You can't buy it at a store.

You can't earn it in a job or get it in business.

You are born with it, but it's been laying dormant within you...

Want to know what it is?

It's a magnetic attraction called CHARISMA...  

Charisma is NOT an unidentifiable quality that only a few in the world are capable of possessing. BUT... It's hidden within you so you must learn how to
awaken it to become
a people magnet!

"Charisma is an Extremely Powerful Trait that We All Have
and When Harnessed, it can make YOU More
Effective with Others while giving YOU the
Ultimate Edge Over Your Competition in Any Situation."

Charisma is easy to spot.  You could probably name a dozen "charismatic" people that you know personally, in politics, or in the entertainment industry.

But, even though it is easy to spot, charisma is not an easy trait to break down and share with others.

In the "Power of Charisma," L. Bessett will take you step by step through the process of developing and utilizing improved charisma.  Bessett's eBook is packed with powerful tips and techniques that you can place into action today to make you more likable, more believable, and more charismatic!

"People Who are seen as Charismatic Exude Self-Confidence
and have the Ability To Instantly Motivate Others into Action
which Benefits them. Those with Charisma can tell a Story
that Commands the Attention of All Who get Within Earshot!"

If you are like the majority of the world's population, you do not have the ability to step into the mind of others and captivate their attention.  And people are probably not drawn to you as soon as you walk into a room.

You are an average person, with average abilities, and due to your lack of charisma you achieve average results with most events that take place in your life.

As an average person, YOU probably have experienced some of the following in your life or can expect to in the future:

  • Someone less qualified being hired at a job instead of you because they oozed with self-confidence that you appeared to lack during your interview.

  • Watching from the sidelines as someone monopolizes the attention of that special someone you have had your eye on.

  • Paying higher prices for automobiles because you lack the ability to influence the salesman or his manager's decision to cut you a better deal.

  • Constantly complaining to your friends and family because co-workers who are less experienced and motivated are rising stars in your workplace and you keep getting passed over for promotions.

  • Standing in long lines at popular night clubs and events for hours watching helplessly as some people step out of their cars at the door and are immediately welcomed in.

  • Pulling your hair out because no matter how many times you have discussed the importance of doing their homework and getting good grades at school with your children you continue to fail to persuade them to take action.

  • Playing as the right fielder on your town's softball team even when your abilities far surpass anyone that plays the position that you WANT to play.

  • Wondering what is wrong with you as you enter your 30's and the last of your good friends are getting married while it's been almost a year since you were involved in a serious relationship.

  • Become aggravated because your friend's seem to help everybody else with things they need but when you ask they always have something else to do.

And thousands of other situations that are far worse that I'll spare you the misery of mentioning. Don't be fooled either.  Charisma is... attractiveness that goes beyond  good looks... appeal that cannot be labeled...

...a captivating quality that isn't the result of simple intellectual brilliance or a terrific sense of humor.

"Once You Learn how to Awaken and Harness Your Charisma,
YOU Will have the Power to Change Other People's Perception
of You Almost Instantly"

Before we go any further let me ask you something...

Are you ready to learn how to command the attention of any audience?  Imagine the power and influence you could have if everyone was interested in what you had to say no matter what the topic of conversation!

You will never have to be on the receiving end of a "Yeah, well I...." better story.

Are you ready for people to be drawn to you as soon as you walk into a room?  You will never be lonely at a party again.  The self-confidence that you will exude will make you nearly irresistible and you may even attract the opposite sex like a bee to honey!  You will never again see that special someone you are interested in leaving with someone else.  You will NEVER be hurt by rejection again!  The life of any event will begin at the tip of your toes!

You will be shown how to manipulate the dating game in your favor so you walk away with hot dates anytime you want, and your friends will beg you to teach them your secret!

Are you ready to improve the quality of your personal relationships?  Members of your family and your friends will be far happier in your company, and you will have a greater influence on them, causing them to feel better about themselves and to do better at the important things in their lives.

Are you ready to get what you want without even asking for it?  People will instinctively want to help you.  You will find yourself being promoted at work, your friends will be telling all their friends how you are the most eligible bachelor or bachelorette, or if you are married your spouse will treat you like royalty!

Are you ready to put yourself on the fast track for advancement and pay raises at work?  Take control of your destiny on the job.  Everyone will show you more respect and you will be the subject of many long conversations at the water cooler as they speculate on the nature of your secret to success!

Are you ready to win better prices on automobiles, furniture, real estate, and much, much more?  Your power to influence the seller's pricing decisions will keep more money in your pocket and leave your friends and family dumbfounded on how you do it.

All of these Things and More are Easily Obtainable by You,
and You Can Start Learning the Simple Methods
to Make them Happen RIGHT NOW.

Here is a sample of some of the amazing charisma building techniques that will be shared with you in an extremely easy to follow format within the pages of "The Power Of Charisma":

The Basics Of Charismatic Communication - Learn the ability to evoke images in the mind of a follower. A message that is easy to "see" is easier to understand.

Making A Connection - Learn the importance of connecting with those around you emotionally, mentally, and even physically.

The 8 Secret Skills for Increasing Your Charisma Quotient - Learn exactly what a "charisma quotient" is and the strategies to improve yours. Such as the ability to read people, the power of emotional expression, and the ability to "read between the lines."

The 9 Never-Changing Rules Of Relationships - From puppy love to winter romances, learn all the rules that are intrinsic to all relationships but rarely paid attention to.  When you start paying attention to these rules, you won't believe the difference!

Powerful Exercises To Train You To Halt Depression, Anger, And Hostility - The next time you are about to snap from feeling angry, or perhaps the next time "life" has got you down, or when you are feeling low in energy, try these self-expression exercises and see what happens.

61 Charisma Killing Statements To Avoid - When it comes to charisma: you are what you say. The words and phrases you choose to express yourself send powerful messages to people who are talking to you. Here are 63 phrases that you should consider banishing from your vocabulary as part of your charisma improvement strategy.

Empowering Your Sales Pitch With Charisma - Kale's report teaches you the secrets that'll make you more welcome, more positively received, and more trusted by customers and prospects than other salespeople. You will sell more, and the new sales will come easily.

Steps For Using Charisma to Climb the Corporate Ladder - Find out how you can start rapidly advancing to the top of any industry through the creation of images that impact the emotional and psyche of others through flair, finesse, and power language.

Charisma "Quick Reference" - 13 Tips to Remember - When you need a quick refresher to recharge your charisma batteries, just refer to the "Quick Reference" list… a "baker's dozen" of tips to keep you on your charisma toes.

This is just a fraction of what you're going to learn when you purchase this special report today...

L. Bessett has literally dissected the art of interacting with people and will take you by the hand and turn you into a person that everyone wants to be or be with!

It doesn't matter if you think you are not good-looking, if you are poor, or have no confidence - once you're done reading this eBook, you will be transformed into someone that everyone will be battling for the attention of, and you will experience great success in all aspects of your life!

A collection of modern, charisma-building techniques like this one based on scientific psychological factors has never been compiled before -- this is the very reason L. Bessett's eBook is ultra powerful.

Use the "how to" information in this report to turn into a superstar with the opposite sex, your boss, your friends, and your family, regardless of your current situation.

"...That Guy Must Have Had Charisma!"

When I was much younger I remember seeing this short, bald, older guy all the time in my favorite bar with this knockout young lady.  And I always thought, "What could a girl like her possibly see in a guy like that?"

The only thing I can think of now after reading your book is that the guy must have had charisma!

The whole point that I am working on getting to is that thanks to you I have morphed into that short, balding, old guy with the knockout for a girlfriend!

On our 5th date I asked her what she saw in me and she said that, "I was the most exciting guy she had ever met!" That is something a mail carrier in his mid 40's can get used to hearing! Thank you so much!

- Roger Amato
Clayton, New York

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